About the Regions

For all of our statewide shop hop events, we divide the state into regions. When the mapping is complete, we will typically have anywhere from 5-8 different regions assigned. Many things are taken into considerations when deciding how to group the stores:
*Size of the state
*Number of participating shops
*Geographical location of the stores
*Major state highways/interstates
We do try to keep things as even as possible but you will occasionally see that some regions have more stores than others. This is simply because of their proximity to each other. The regions with fewer stores typically have a bit more drive time in between stops. BUT, what we have learned over the years of managing shop hops is that ANYWAY YOU SLICE IT – every region gets the same amount of traffic. AND the majority of shop hoppers will complete MULTIPLE regions (if not the ENTIRE state!) Some people start with a region because there are fewer stores to visit and they like some good road time space in between. Some people start with a region because stores are closer together. Everyone finds their own way that is best for them during the shop hop tour.
Now, WHY do we do this? We want everyone to look at a statewide shop hop in manageable chunks. I mean, we know that everyone WANTS to complete the ENTIRE state every time but sometimes that is just not realistic for all – at least not every year 😉. If we give you smaller, bite-sized pieces it will help give you a better plan to accomplish a goal. AND, we assign prizes based on REGIONS so if prizes motivate you, complete a region and you will be entered for a chance to win the “big ticket” items for that region.  The more regions you complete, the more entries you receive. 
So, go out hopping and enjoy YOUR journey.  Don’t compare it to the journey of others because it won’t be the same.  Visit the shops that you are able to visit with the time your schedule and budget allows.  You will be making a positive impact to these shops and will be creating unforgettable memories along the way!
All Missouri Shop Hop – September & October 2023