Margie Pearl’s House of Antiques and Treasures

I opened Margie Pearl’s House of Antiques and Treasures in 2000. 

My 2 passions in life are sewing and antiques.  My husband said I really had no more space at our home to keep all my fabric and antique finds. 

So what’s a girl to do?  I could not give up my passions.  I had to touch that fabric, and hunt for those special treasures. So I opened a store. 

For the first few years I had a lot of treasures and a little bit of fabric.  As time went on my passion for fabric won, and now we have are a full service fabric store with 3000 plus bolts of fabrics. 

My Grandmother’s and my mother taught me the love of sewing and fabric.  Then I fell in love with an Upholster’s son!  So my life is always intertwined with fabric!

I love having the store and sharing my passion with others, and learning from my customers.

I hope to meet you soon so we can talk about our shared love of fabric!