OOPS!!! Magazine Corrections

Despite our best efforts, occasionally we discover an error or one of our stores need their information updated after our magazine goes to print.

Here are a few for the 2022 edition of the All Missouri Shop Hop Magazine.

Pg. 49 – Quilter’s Station Shop Hop Hours are M – Fri 9:30 – 5:00, Sat 9:30 – 4.

Pg. 65 – Susie Q Quilting WILL be open for Shop Hop Sunday on October 9th from 12-4.  She will also be around in the shop on Sunday, October 16th from 12-4 as well.

Pg. 65 – Devine Quilts, Fabrics & Hobbies WILL be open for Shop Hop Sunday on October 9th from 11-4.  She will be CLOSED, Sunday, October 16th

Pg. 65 – The listing for All N Stitches Shop Hop hours should be Tues, Thur and Friday 9am-5pm , Sat 9am-3pm and Wed 10am-6pm

Pg. 65 – This listing for The Quilt Shoppe Shop Hop hours should be Tues – Fri 10am-5:30pm and EVERY Sat from 1-6.  Open Shop Hop Sundays as listedj


Missouri Stars (page 68)  Pg. 70: In the 2nd column, #2, last sentence should read:  Makes [20] – 8-1/2″ HSTs.  If you follow the directions in #1 above, you will cut the correct number of HST, this “summary” just doesn’t have the correct number so it’s a little confusing.

Ozark Quilt (page 50)  page 54: error in cutting instructions (top of 1st column): You do not need ANY Teal Word Toss 4-1/2″ blocks.  This also reduces the fabric requirement for Teal Word Toss from 3 yards to 2-1/2 yards (page 50).